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Record 1804/2101
Date: 1930-1930
McEwen School, lower and upper grades, Spring 1930, Bessie Savage Baker and Beulah Long, teachers. Back Row: Bessie Baker, teacher, Edna Barnett, Charles Holland, Flora McCully, Pearl Hanby, Helen Hesner, George Hansen, Floyd Hesner, Max Sears, Henry Metzker, Wilma Riley Next Row: Loren Belnap, Bill McCully, Harley Knighten, Ivor Wilson, Ray Barnett Next Row: Delma Hesner, Mildred Hanby, Earl "Joe" Harrison, Margaret Browning, Zenus Riley Next Row: Reese Leonnig, Harden Hanby, Bill Browning, Martha Hansen, Doris Hanby, Edna Jacobs Front Row: Bill Wilson, Norman Hansen, Robert Cole, Haden Sears, Alvina Hesner Brooks Hawley note: You look at old school pictures and you wonder where everybody went and how their lives turned out. Some of the most promising are alcoholic, some are dead, but most naturally have done OK. How could anyone foresee that Alvina Hesner, back for a visit in 196?, would die in a car wreck 12 miles away, or that Harden Hanby of sturdy stock would die in middle age? Bessie Baker at Nampa always sends a Christmas card. She continued to teach all her life and is now up to retirement age. Thirty-seven years go by and Norman Hansen is the only one still living in the valley, but not so far away are Delma Hesner, Charles Holland, George Hansen, Martha Hansen, Mildred and Doris Hanby, Wilma Riley. Wilma has an outstanding family, Delma, too. How different was Ivor and Bill Wilson! Max made the navy his career. We keep in touch with Haden Sears and Edna Barnett. Here are 31 pupils. If there were a school at McEwen now, there would be only 10 pupils. If they looked for where they used to live, only Hansen, Sears, and Riley would find their houses still there. The others, Barnett, Browning, Holland, Hesner, and those who lived at the logging camp at Curry, can come for a visit and fish or water ski over where they used to live [due to Mason Dam and Phillips Reservoir, which filled in 1968].
Gallery #5 PEOPLE, SCHOOLS, ORGANIZATIONS, CHURCHES -McEwen School, lower and upper grades, Spring 1930.
McEwen Sch. students in 1930.

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