McEwen School. History of teachers by Brooks Hawley.

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Record 1803/2101
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Collection Hawley, Brooks
Description McEwen School. History of teachers by Brooks Hawley.

The attached photo is not in album vol. 6. It's in the McEwen town file, used here to show the school the following history is about.

Brooks Hawley note: School District No. 18, McEwen, first teacher was Ida Worley, sister of Bud Worley, in 1884, according to Molly Doane's notes. Roscoe Doane remembers Mr. Hoseason as teacher about 1894-96. Sumpter News, Mar. 19, 1897, mentions Mr. L. B. Baker "a very good teacher," 1896-97. Luther Yantis reports Mrs. Shock, his first teacher, 1899-1900. He also remembers Mr. Duffy, Miss Pitcairn, Miss Holman, large and fat, maybe not in that order. I am sure Theresa Harris, nee Angel, taught at McEwen and stayed at Yantis' house. That is all I get for the first 20 years. Here is a complete list [academic year beginning dates; dollar amounts are monthly salaries]:
1905 Miss Moorhouse, Wallace Hudspeth's first teacher
1906 Katie Kringle, robust and good looking, salary $50
1907 May Holman
1908 Mary Davis, she taught, a guess for year, before the old school by Yantis burned
1909 Ora M. Riggs, began in present building
1910 Jessie F. Hindman, Ellen Defrees has souvenir for end of school
1911 Mrs. Viola Wolf, my first teacher, $60
1912 Mrs. Eliza Pearson, I was not here that year, $65
1913 Mrs. Theresa Harris
1914 Clare G. Morey, $75
1915 ditto, $80
1916 Wilbur F. Cornwall, I finished 8th grade at home, $75
1917 Mrs. Lulu M. Fairbanks, $80
1918 Miss Aliene Bond, $90
1919 Mrs. Lulu M. Fairbanks, Mrs. L. R. Harris in November 1919, $110
1920 Mrs. Theresa Harris, $110
1921 Maude A. Smith, $110
1922 Gladys Hardesty, lives a Baker in 1966, says she had 42 students, $125
1923 Maude Smith, $125
1924 Mrs. Martha Pratt, beginning of two-room school, two years of high school, $120
Miss Elizabeth Holland, $90
1925 Joseph S. McKnight, $130, Elizabeth Holland, $100
1926 Mrs. Blanche Evans, $140, Elizabeth Holland, $120
1927 Blanche P. Evans, $145, Eva Perryman then Aneta Gurney, Oct. 1927, $80
1928 Miss Bessie Savage, $140, Miss Beulah Long, $110
1929 Bessie Savage, $140, Beulah Long, $120
1930 Elizabeth Holland, Ardella Ayers
1931 Elizabeth Holland, Ardella Ayers
1932 Mabel Humble, Marie Mattes
1933 Galena Sandwick, Pearl Merrill
1934 Galena Sandwick, Clarissa Johnson, evidently taught at Stoddard camp, Pearl Merrill
1935 Dorothy Byrd, Lois Seely
1936 Pauline Moore (Mrs. Pauline Binder), Lois Seely, end of two-room school
1937 Faye Adams, beginning of school bus to Baker [for grades 9-12]
1938 Faye Adams
1939 Faye Adams
1940 Mrs. Laura Slaughter
1941 Mrs. Laura Slaughter
1942 Mrs. Laura Slaughter
1943 Mrs. Merle Morin, $150 per month plus $5 for janitorial work
1944 Mrs. Merle Morin
1945 Mrs. Inez Hudspeth, $175 per month plus $5 for janitorial work
1946 Mrs. Ethel Love, $1575 per year plus $45 for janitorial work
1947 Mrs. Camille Kline, Lyle Defrees graduated
1948 Mrs. Camille Kline, $2100 per year plus $90 for janitorial work
That was the end of McEwen School I bought the old school house for $250. I sold it to Reagan, Bowels, and Shuck families for $500.
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Place McEwen, 44.70083 -118.10361
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